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Introducing the WR 180, your ultimate fitness companion for rowing workouts! Designed to seamlessly merge the timeless benefits of rowing with cutting-edge technology, this fitness equipment is here to elevate your training experience. Let's dive into the incredible features that set the WR 180 apart:

Function Buttons:

  • UP▲/DOWN▼: Easily tweak your workout parameters like time, distance, strokes, calories, and more with these intuitive buttons.
  • ENTER: Confirm your settings and selections for a seamless workout customization process.
  • START/STOP: Initiate and pause your chosen workout program with a simple press.
  • RESET: Instantly return to the main menu with this handy reset button.
  • RECOVERY: Evaluate your fitness level post-workout with the specialized recovery program.

Display Functions:

  • TIME: Set and monitor your target workout duration, down to the minute.
  • TIME/500M: Real-time display of your average time to row 500 meters, keeping you in the loop with your progress.
  • SPM (Strokes Per Minute): Keep track of your strokes per minute rate for optimal performance.
  • DISTANCE: Set and display your target workout distance.
  • STROKES: Set and monitor your desired stroke count.
  • TOTAL STROKES: Keep a running tally of the total strokes you've performed.
  • CALORIES: Track your calorie burn and set calorie-based goals.
  • PULSE: Stay in touch with your heart rate during training, thanks to the included chest belt system.
  • CALENDAR: While in sleep mode, the monitor displays the year, month, and day.
  • TEMPERATURE: Get a sense of your workout environment with the room temperature display in sleep mode.
  • CLOCK: Keep an eye on the current time when the monitor is in sleep mode.


The WR 180 is powered by 2 AA batteries, providing you with the flexibility to exercise anywhere. Upon setup, the monitor enters CLOCK & CALENDAR MODE, allowing you to configure the date and time to suit your needs. You can even set alarms to keep you on track.

In SPORT mode, you have the choice between MANUAL and RACE programs. MANUAL lets you fine-tune your workout by adjusting parameters like time, distance, strokes, calories, and pulse, giving you complete control.

In RACE mode, take on preset distances and measure your performance against displayed times, adding an exciting competitive edge to your training sessions. The RECOVERY program assesses your fitness by monitoring your heart rate recovery post-exercise.

The DKN WATERROWER offers a comprehensive rowing experience, accommodating users of all fitness levels and training goals. Whether you're looking to customize your workouts, track your progress, or compete in exhilarating races, the WR 180 is your trusted fitness partner. Its blend of manual and automated features ensures a fulfilling and adaptable fitness journey like no other.

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